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Barricade Net / Orange Safety Net

INDONET Barricade Net or Orange Safety Net is an extruded mesh used as a warning barrier in multiple areas. The fence is highly visible, light in weight and UV treated.

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Our orange plastic safety netting, also known as barricade net or barricade netting, is an essential solution for creating a secure environment. This lightweight and highly visible orange fencing mesh serves as a reliable barrier in various areas. Its UV-treated construction ensures long-lasting performance while effectively warning and guiding individuals. Whether you need to designate restricted areas, cordon off construction sites, or enhance safety during events, our orange barrier mesh excels in functionality and durability. The versatility of our barricade net makes it an ideal choice for crowd control, temporary enclosures, and hazard prevention. Trust in the quality and effectiveness of our orange plastic net fencing to provide the safety measures you require.

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Indonet Barricade Net / Orange Safety Net

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Indonet Group, we understand that customers have important questions when it comes to our products. We are committed to providing comprehensive information and addressing any concerns you may have.

Barricade Nets and Safety Nets are crucial for construction site safety. They protect workers and pedestrians from potential hazards and falling debris, and help in demarcating dangerous areas.

These nets are used to enclose high-risk areas, provide fall protection for workers at heights, and prevent debris from falling outside the construction zone.

They are typically made from durable, high-strength materials like polyethylene or nylon, ensuring longevity and effectiveness in harsh construction environments.

Yes, they can be tailored in size and strength to meet the specific requirements of various construction projects.

By enhancing safety and reducing accident risks, these nets help maintain a smooth workflow and minimise project delays due to injuries or damage.

Orange Safety Nets are primarily used for perimeter marking and to signal caution around construction sites.

The bright orange colour is highly visible, which enhances safety by drawing attention to potential hazards.

Yes, they are designed to be durable and withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-term functionality.

These nets are designed for easy setup and removal, catering to the dynamic nature of construction sites.

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