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Warning Tape

Underground Warning Tape with a printed warning message is a coloured polyethylene for marking buried services.INDONET Warning Tape is a high-quality construction caution tape designed to enhance safety in underground projects. This warning mesh is made of durable polyethylene material and features a printed warning message, making it highly visible and effective for marking buried services. With a thickness of 100 microns or customizable options, it offers reliable protection and clear identification of potential hazards. The tape comes in widths of 150 mm or 300 mm, accommodating various project requirements.

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As a leading supplier in the construction industry, INDONET provides warning tape for underground cables and electrical cables. This tape serves as a crucial visual indicator, alerting workers and preventing accidental damage to vital infrastructure. Whether it’s a small-scale project or a large construction site, INDONET’s warning tape ensures safety and adherence to regulations.

Choose INDONET for your construction warning tape needs, and you’ll receive a reliable and durable solution that meets the highest standards. With their ISO 9001:2015 certification and commitment to quality, INDONET offers a comprehensive range of products to address diverse construction challenges.

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Indonet Underground Warning Tape

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Indonet Group, we understand that customers have important questions when it comes to our products. We are committed to providing comprehensive information and addressing any concerns you may have.

Warning Tape is essential for safety in construction, used to mark hazardous areas, underground utilities like gas and electrical lines, and perimeters of construction zones. Its primary role is to alert workers and the public to potential dangers, preventing accidents and ensuring a safer working environment.

It’s strategically placed around or above areas of potential danger. For underground utilities, it’s laid over the utility line before backfilling. For above-ground use, it’s often tied or taped around the hazardous zone.

Indonet’s Warning Tape is designed for high visibility, typically featuring bright colours, bold text and is available in any language.It’s made from durable, weather-resistant materials to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring the message remains clear and legible over time.

Yes, it’s specifically manufactured to be durable and weather-resistant, maintaining its visibility and integrity in different weather conditions, including extreme heat, cold, and moisture.

Indonet’s Warning Tape can be tailored to specific requirements, allowing customization in colour, text, and size. This flexibility ensures that the tape can convey specific warnings or instructions pertinent to different construction scenarios, enhancing safety and communication on the site.

By providing clear and visible demarcation of hazardous areas or underground utilities, Warning Tape plays a crucial role in guiding site traffic and pedestrian movement. This helps in maintaining an organised and safe construction environment, reducing the risk of accidents, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

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