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Protection Net

INDONET Protection Net is an extruded flat net made from polyethylene for protection purposes at the back of air conditioners and coolers.

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The Protection Net is a versatile and reliable solution designed to provide protection and safety for coolers and air conditioning (AC) units. It is specifically designed to safeguard these devices from external threats and potential damage, while still allowing proper airflow and functionality.

The Protection Net for coolers is a specifically designed net that acts as a barrier to prevent various unwanted elements from entering the cooler system. It effectively keeps out dust, debris, insects, and other particles that could potentially damage the cooling mechanism or affect the quality of air being circulated. The net is made from durable and high-quality materials that ensure longevity and efficient performance. It is easy to install and maintain, allowing for hassle-free protection of coolers.

The Protection Net for AC units serves a similar purpose, providing an effective barrier against external factors that could hamper the performance and lifespan of the air conditioning system. This net is designed to fit over the AC unit, covering the external components and preventing debris, leaves, and other unwanted materials from entering the system. By keeping the AC unit clean and free from obstructions, the net ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency.

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Indonet Protection Net

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Indonet Group, we understand that customers have important questions when it comes to our products. We are committed to providing comprehensive information and addressing any concerns you may have.

Indonet Protection Net is designed as a protective barrier for the backside of air conditioners and coolers. It safeguards these devices from external elements like dust, debris, and insects, ensuring their efficient operation and longevity.

The net is non-corrosive, maintenance-free, durable, and recyclable. Its structure allows it to provide effective protection while ensuring adequate airflow for the proper functioning of the devices.

The Protection Net comes in various sizes with widths ranging from 400 mm to 1500 mm and a standard length of 25 metres. It can also be pre-cut to specific dimensions to suit different requirements.

By preventing the accumulation of external debris, the net reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and lifespan of these cooling devices.

Yes, the net is designed for easy installation and can be conveniently replaced when necessary. This ease of use makes it an attractive option for both residential and commercial settings.

Yes, the net is designed to withstand different weather conditions, maintaining its integrity and functionality in various climates. This makes it suitable for outdoor use in diverse environments.

Indonet focuses on sustainability, and the Protection Net is made from recyclable materials. Its durability also contributes to less frequent replacement and reduced waste.

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