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Tubular Protective Sleeves

INDONET Protective Sleeve is a tubular net made of a special blend of polyethylene which provides cushion protection to valuable items from collision and damage caused during handling, storage and transport.

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The protective sleeve net manufactured serves as a mesh bottle protector sleeve and gas cylinder sleeve. It offers a range of options with varying diameters, covering sizes from 6 mm to 500 mm. The length of the sleeves can be customized, with options of 25 meters or as per specific requirements.

INDONET also provides pre-cut sleeves based on customer needs. This flexibility allows users to easily fit the sleeves onto their desired objects. The protective sleeves are designed to ensure a snug and secure fit, providing optimal protection.

In addition to the protective sleeve net, INDONET offers a wide range of other industrial products. These products cater to different industries such as agriculture, geosynthetics, construction, and packaging.

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Indonet Tubular Protective Sleeves

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Indonet Group, we understand that customers have important questions when it comes to our products. We are committed to providing comprehensive information and addressing any concerns you may have.

Tubular Protective Sleeves are tubular nets made from polyethylene, designed to cushion and protect items during handling, storage, and transport. They’re widely used for safeguarding machined parts, precision components, liquor bottles, gas cylinders, drums, barrels, and sanitary ceramics from collision and damage.

These tubular sleeves are highly elastic, ensuring a snug fit around objects. They are available in a large range of sizes, easy to apply, and colour-coded for easy identification. Additionally, they are recyclable and reusable, enhancing their environmental appeal.

Yes, Indonet offers Tubular Protective Sleeves with a range of diameters from 6 mm to 500 mm, and the length can be customised to specific requirements, including options for pre-cut sleeves based on customer needs.

Tubular Protective Sleeves act as a cushioning layer, absorbing shocks and vibrations during transportation. This protective barrier is especially crucial for delicate items like glass or ceramics, reducing the likelihood of damage.

These tubular sleeves are versatile and can be used with various materials, including sensitive ones like glass, ceramics, and delicate machined parts. Their adaptability makes them suitable from diverse industrial applications to glassware and consumer goods.

Yes, they are made from recyclable polyethylene, aligning with eco-friendly practices. Their reusability further enhances their environmental appeal, reducing the need for single-use packaging materials.

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